B2B Marketing

Nurturing Leads with B2B Marketing

Nothing is more critical to your success in a B2B environment than nurturing relationships with your leads, prospects and customers. Get to know them, build a rapport with them and earn their business when they decide to buy. Relationships, not numbers, lead to long-term results.

Relationships start with familiarity. Your leads need time to get to know you, and they do that by finding you and your brand everywhere they look. Brand-building through email, social media, telemarketing and direct mail turns you into a known quantity. Once they know you, you can win their trust.

Your B2B audience is largely self-selecting. It’s focused and well-defined already, so you need to work to retain every member of that select audience. Connect with them via the channels they prefer with multi-channel marketing that reaches every potential customer. By casting the widest possible net, you find every member of your target audience. No matter where they prefer to have a conversation with you, you’re there for them.

To be where your prospects are, you need a marketing database that puts you in contact with key decision-makers. Clean demographic, firmographic and transactional information about your customers enables you to find more like them, generating more quality leads and helping your message align more closely to your target audience’s needs. Achieve better customer segmentation, gain more insight from your analytics and develop more relevant marketing when you use your database as a road map for your marketing.

Database marketing puts the power of big data behind your marketing strategy, driving your lead generation, customer acquisition and retention rates to new heights. Optimization transforms data into one of your most valuable assets.  ReachBase, the industry’s largest B2B database, delivers  deeper insights into your customer base which will lead to expanding your market dramatically through the following services:

  • Data Hygiening – Improve your responses while reducing your undeliverables.
    • We apply our unique and proven multi-step cleansing process to ensure the most accurate data possible.
  • Data Appending – Achieve a deeper understanding of your customer. We add key firmographic, demographic and contact information to customer files.
  • Customer Profiling – Improve relevance and grow sales.
    • We identify each customer’s unique footprint and establish segments based upon behavior and enhanced data.
  • Cloning – Expand your reach. We identify and provide access to highly-responsive prospect universes.
To include ReachBase in your next direct mail campaign, contact Wayne Nagrowski at 845-201-5318 or wayne.nagrowski@reachbase.com. Wayne will help you choose the best selections from ReachBase to target your offer. He can also help you optimize your house file through a variety of ReachBase services including data append, profiling and enhancement.