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How to Sell to Professional Service Providers

Since the turn of the century, economists and market analysts have predicted an increasing shift toward a service economy. These predictions have been accurate; today, nearly 70 percent of the workforce in the U.S. works within the service sector. Not only are service-oriented industries growing, they are becoming increasingly varied; everything from automotive repair to professional sports falls under this broad umbrella. To sell to service providers takes a thorough understanding of each niche’s needs through market segmentation and customer profiling. Continue reading

How to Sell to Manufacturing Professionals

From independent small to mid-size businesses to multi-national corporations, manufacturing professionals guide every step of the supply chain from raw materials to end-user products. Working in research and development, work process design, consultancy, distribution, customer service, and executive capacities, manufacturing professionals are a large and diverse group. Continue reading

How to Sell to HVAC-R Professionals

The global market for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration services is a burgeoning one. Domestic demand for HVAC-R products and services also remains high. HVAC and refrigeration systems are integral to a host of other industries, such as healthcare, food service, real estate, IT, and more. The busy professionals who work in the field include repair and maintenance business owners, construction supervisors, certification and training specialists, and technicians. Continue reading

How to Sell to Healthcare and Medical Professionals

From private-practice physicians and nurse practitioners to multi-hospital complex administrators, medical professionals are a varied audience working within one of the largest industries in the country. Healthcare professionals maintain records, provide care to patients, outfit medical centers with state-of-the-art equipment, and train the next generation of medical experts. To reach this large, varied, and educated market, B2B companies must know their specific audience’s needs well and communicate clearly how they can meet them. Continue reading

Segmentation Strategies to Earn Audience Attention

Data-driven marketing relies on segmentation to be fully effective. Whether you’re working from your own house list or using a business mailing list from a third-party database, you need to know enough about the audience you’re speaking with to resonate with them. With segmentation comes relevance, and being relevant to your market leads directly to increased sales. Here’s how to make the most of your database by drawing fine, clear divisions between market segments. Continue reading