Data Append

Data Append Transforms Your Customer List

Your customers have more ways to learn about you than ever. With data append services, your direct marketing efforts now let you know more about your customers. In an information-rich environment, it’s absolutely vital to know more – not just what your customers bought, but when, how and why they bought from you. Through data appending and data enhancement, you unravel the secrets of your customer base’s DNA. ReachBase, our comprehensive multi-channel B2B database, comprises more than 70 million names and turns the knowledge you have into deeper insights about your customers.

By discovering additional key business data based on information you have, ReachBase expands the utility of your contact list dramatically, leading directly to higher relevance to your customers and better marketing performance. Quality append and enhancement relies on large-scale data, and ReachBase gives you access to the industry’s largest database. Add contact information from across multiple communication channels and deliver your marketing message with pinpoint accuracy when you choose ReachBase to enhance your data.

B2B Data Append

After receiving and polishing your house file, our data analysis team matches your data against ReachBase’s information to correlate knowledge via multiple channels. Our match rates are unrivaled in the industry with a 50 percent match for companies by site and as high as 40 percent for individual records.

ReachBase is designed to give you unmatched freedom when choosing relevant data sets. The firmographic elements you can select include:

  • Channel choices for email, postal and phone data
  • Multi-buyers who have a proven history of responsiveness to offers from different businesses
  • Job titles, a reliable data point to assess buying authority and interests
  • SIC, or standard industrial classification, codes that pinpoint key industries in your market
  • Employee numbers and workforce size
  • Sales volume
  • Existing buying sites
Consumer Data Append

ReachBase also uses demographic data to expand your range of consumer information, widening your marketing scope and opening new channels through which you can connect with your customers. The number of options you have through ReachBase are broad, giving you unparalleled insight into your customers’ choices. Possibilities include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Housing type
  • Home value
  • Homeowner status
  • Length of residence
  • Marital status
  • Presence and ages of children
  • Household income
  • Net worth
  • Credit card information
  • Health and ailments
  • Charitable donations
  • Political affiliation
  • Entertainment choices
  • Shopping habits
  • Recreation
  • Hobbies and interests

ReachBase can also look at fine-grained data about specific categories within these segments. Interests might include personal finance, books and music, apparel, sports, technology travel and more.

Reverse Append Services with ReachBase

Data appending correlates your house list with a vast database of additional information to derive email addresses, but what happens if you start from an email address? Reverse email append enhances your existing data files by accurately attaching names, postal addresses and phone numbers to those email addresses, giving you a wide range of new ways to reach your customer base. Improve your conversion rates, expand your reach and integrate your marketing strategy across all channels with append and reverse append services.

Because matching these files with email addresses is more complex, not every reverse append service is the same. ReachBase’s proprietary technology, size and scope are unmatched in the data marketing industry for accuracy, append rates and ease of use. Only CASS-certified postal data meets ReachBase standards, ensuring deliverability rates are as high as possible. For B2B reverse append processes, match rates can attach more complete information to as much as 45 percent of your house file.

Data Roll-Up

It isn’t enough to collect data; you also need to know how to organize it to make it useful. One way to utilize data is through drilling down and examining finer details. Another way to look at data is rolling up, going from individual data points to assess information on a grand scale. With ReachBase, you can look at specific information in your house files and transform that information into larger data segments. This process increases your relevance and helps you segment your market intelligently for higher response rates.

ReachBase gives you the power to roll up and analyze the following fields:
  • Job title
  • Job function
  • Industry
  • Employee number