Email Append

Email Append Services Increase Revenue and Build on Existing Relationships

Data-driven marketing is built on email. With email marketing, you can collect vital information on your customers’ preferences and buying habits, learn key firmographic facts and get your marketing message out instantaneously. Because email is immediate, direct, trackable and economical at any scale, it remains one of the best ways to connect with business clients and consumers. ReachBase offers email append services that dramatically enhance deliverability, increase response rates and give insight into your customer base.

As rising postage and printing costs make connecting with clients more expensive, email has evolved to fill the need for economical marketing solutions. To make email marketing effective, you need a marketing strategy that lets you dominate your industry and edge out your competition with better knowledge – knowledge you gain from append services.

What Is Email Append?

When you have some data but lack the detailed information you need to complete your customers’ files, you can use append services to gain additional knowledge. ReachBase grants you access to permission-approved email addresses taken from existing lists or from your house file, opening the way to communication with your customers via email. By matching data points from multiple sources to develop a more complete file, you’re able to reach your customers via multiple channels, including email.

Why ReachBase Email Append?

Other services use public data or lists from Google and Yahoo to supply email addresses. ReachBase has more than 70 million unique emails of corporate domains in its extensive database. You won’t find low-value “info@” or “sales@” addresses because each email in the ReachBase system is verified, accurate and fully compliant with FTC regulations. ReachBase is unmatched for data purity, quality, accuracy and scope. Our append services have the highest match rates in the industry, ensuring higher relevance and better response rates. Append services with ReachBase:

  • Greatly increase customer retention by improving your email’s relevance and timeliness
  • Lower your business costs by taking full advantage of economical email marketing
  • Find former customers and reconnect with them
  • Retarget prior prospects with triggered email that addresses their specific pain points
  • Act as a force multiplier for your email, direct mail, on-site advertising and telemarketing campaigns
How Does Email Append Work?

ReachBase takes a systematic approach to discovering data through email append. Here’s how a typical data append looks:

  • Receipt of your house file containing names, company data and address records
  • Matching your records against the millions of email addresses on file in our B2B email database
  • Attaching email addresses to matched files
  • Sending welcome emails to members of your house list, extending the invitation to correspond with them via email and allowing them to opt out or opt down
  • Delivering your message to qualified, deliverable email addresses
  • Billing only for approved, deliverable emails returned with your file
What About Reverse Append?

If you have email addresses in your house file, we can also use ReachBase for reverse appends, populating your customer files with a wealth of new information based on the emails you provide. ReachBase can open more than 70 million unique records to match with your information, giving you the fine detail and precise market segmentation you need to expand your reach to telemarketing, social media and direct mail. With reverse append, ReachBase achieves match rates as high as 45 percent for your email records.

Do Email Append Services Work for B2C Lists Too?

ReachBase works beautifully with consumer files to give B2C companies the same expanded range of options with email append and reverse append services. Our consumer file email append match rates range from 15 to 30 percent on first-run files, and reverse append rates can approach 50 percent. Like our B2B append process, B2C email append starts with your house file, then matches those files against information from vendor partners and opt-in data stored in our files.

On average, people who receive email marketing spend 138 percent more with the companies that reach out to them than those who don’t. Email is essential to keeping in touch with your customers, and email append services ensure you give them the timely, relevant messages that convince them to act.