Email Marketing Connects You with Customers Instantly

No other marketing channel offers better economy, a broader reach or greater customization than email marketing. It’s the fastest-growing marketing channel, and it promises to grow even more quickly as readers increasingly use mobile devices for their email and are never far from marketers’ reach. Businesses send billions of marketing emails every year, yet most of it fails to move readers to action. A sound email marketing strategy must use fine-grained market segmentation, outstanding data analysis and killer creative to stand out in a vast crowd.

Every business needs a solid email marketing strategy. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • 48 percent of email recipients made at least one buy due directly to a promotional email
  • 93 percent of people who have email addresses check them daily
  • Every dollar spent on email marketing returns more than $43.00 on that investment
  • Recipients of emails take less than a second after reading the subject line to decide whether to open or delete the mail
  • More than 3.8 billion email addresses now exist; that’s more than half the earth’s current population

Email is a cost-effective way to interest prospects, a lead generation tool, a way to stay in touch with customers, a re-targeting tactic, a connection point for past buyers and more.

ReachBase for Your Email Prospecting Campaigns

ReachBase comprises more than 35 million email addresses of C-Level executives, technology professionals, financial executives, architects and contractors, engineers and scientists, sales and marketing managers, healthcare professionals and other key business professionals across all industries, covering nearly every business type in the United States. ReachBase allows you to target your audience with selections such as: business/industry, employee size, job title and function to name a few.

To include ReachBase in your next email campaign, contact Wayne Nagrowski at 845-201-5318 or Wayne will help you choose the best selections from ReachBase to target your offer. He can also help you optimize your email house file through a variety of ReachBase services including email append, reverse email append, profiling, and enhancement and provide HTML creative services for your offer.