How to Sell to Agriculture and Mining Professionals

How to Sell to Agriculture and Mining Professionals

The people who form the backbone of industry are those who produce its raw materials. Agricultural and mining professionals are at the fountainhead of countless other industries, and their success influences production and prices all the way downstream. Some of them may work outside of traditional offices while others fill essential corporate positions, but they share some common traits when making purchasing decisions for their businesses.

Many agricultural professionals work directly on or with farms and ranches, greenhouses, orchards, nurseries, and hatcheries. Others act as administrators for cooperative organizations. Whether they’re on the farm or in a corporate office, these professionals must stay informed about the latest changes in their industry. They regularly seek information about the latest production tools and techniques, reading industry-specific journals and seeing product demonstrations of farm machinery.

Farming has become increasingly sophisticated, and agricultural professionals keep pace by upgrading their equipment and updating growing techniques. New products designed to improve yields or open a new marketplace for their output are of particular interest to them.

Like agricultural professionals, people in the mining industry are at the head of the production chain. From bringing raw ores out of the earth to surveying promising new mining regions, their work is integral to other industries. They look for ways to increase yields, beneficiate raw materials for further refining, and use by-products more efficiently. Industry journals and seminars that help them make the most of their resources appeal to them.

Both agricultural and mining professionals work with more than the materials they produce. Productivity tools, including software, mobile apps, and calculators, help them manage necessary administrative work. Some forms of agriculture and mining, such as organic farming and coal mining, are carefully regulated; tools that help professionals ensure compliance and navigate new regulatory programs are especially useful to them.

Professionals in agricultural and mining production generally have deep industry knowledge. To reach them, appeals to experience and demonstrations of expertise are particularly persuasive. They tend to be concrete thinkers who want to see products in action and real case studies; show them why an offer matters instead of describing theoretical benefits to win their interest.

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