How to Sell to Construction Professionals

Few industries are as reliant on creating and maintaining great relationships with suppliers as the construction industry. Construction professionals, including architects, contractors, site managers, and C-level executives in the construction industry, must have vendors they trust. That makes them a highly receptive and well-educated audience for marketers who understand their clients’ needs.

Whether they work in commercial, industrial, or residential construction, these professionals tend to have a concrete mindset about their business. They want to see evidence of results, watch product demonstrations, and look at case studies before making important buying decisions. The marketing adage of selling benefits instead of listing features is reversed here; construction professionals want spec sheets and white papers detailing every feature of products and services they consider purchasing. When describing benefits to them, focus on the practical aspects of what that benefit means now rather than its possibilities in an unspecified future.

Product demonstrations win the attention of construction professionals and are a cornerstone of any marketing strategy presented to them. For some products such as construction materials, samples can be helpful; other products might require a seminar or video presentation to sell their best features. Trade shows are a particularly useful venue for connecting with construction professionals, and many of them travel extensively to shows and conferences.

Because relationship-building is so important to construction industry leaders, prospective vendors must communicate well with them from the outset. Building complete customer files and staying in touch with construction professionals via drip nurture programs and newsletters keeps them engaged. These professionals welcome opportunities to educate themselves about new products and services, so keep them informed about the latest trends in the industry to give them talking points for further communication.

For these practical thinkers, the medium is often as important as the message. Every contact should have a well-defined point – videos that show a product demonstration of a new material, for example, or a white paper describing the effectiveness of the latest construction management software tools. Demonstrate value clearly and showcase industry knowledge with specific, targeted information that shows a thorough understanding of each construction client’s needs.

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