How to Sell to Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Professionals

Those who manage finances for their organizations and clients are among the most influential when it comes to buying decisions. Finance professionals, including CPAs, financial advisors, insurance consultants, real estate sellers, wealth management experts, and investors are used to controlling the purse strings and do meticulous research before making purchases. Financial experts, insurance specialists, and real estate professionals work in widely different sectors, but for marketing purposes, they have a good deal of common ground. All of these professionals are detail-oriented, keenly observant, and attentive to bottom-line benefits.

From CFOs to CPAs, financial executives exert great power over buying choices. They create budgets and maintain the books, so they are well aware of costs and benefits for every purchase their organization makes well before any sale takes place. To perform a cost-benefit analysis, they need information. The bottom line is their primary concern, so giving them information that addresses and justifies costs up front is significant to them. Facts and figures are more persuasive than gains that are less easily quantifiable.

Like their counterparts in finance, insurance professionals have a good eye for detail and weigh costs and benefits carefully. In their competitive industry, efficiency is a particularly important concern. They tend to be cautious buyers, investing in a new product or service only after a thorough assessment of its value to them or their clients. Before they upgrade to new software, invest in productivity tools, or outfit the office with new equipment, they want to know specifics about performance. Persuade them by describing benefits that show immediate, tangible gains.

Whether they work in commercial, industrial, or residential spheres, real estate professionals work in a trend-driven industry. They spend a great deal of time seeking insight into these trends and need to work with companies that are responsive enough to meet their changing needs. Just as detail-oriented as their fellow professionals in finance and insurance, they also look for companies that deliver scalability. Marketing messages that focus on giving them an edge with technology or inside information get their attention.

When selling to buyers whose role it is to spend money wisely, every marketing message counts. Drip nurture programs that reach an audience segment with the right message and timing are critical to selling to this diverse group of financial professionals.

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