How to Sell to Healthcare and Medical Professionals

From private-practice physicians and nurse practitioners to multi-hospital complex administrators, medical professionals are a varied audience working within one of the largest industries in the country. Healthcare professionals maintain records, provide care to patients, outfit medical centers with state-of-the-art equipment, and train the next generation of medical experts. To reach this large, varied, and educated market, B2B companies must know their specific audience’s needs well and communicate clearly how they can meet them.

Throughout the healthcare sector, medical professionals are highly educated. They make further education a lifelong personal and professional goal as well, responding positively to offers that promise to deliver new insights or knowledge. Because professionals in every segment of the healthcare sector deal daily with specialized knowledge, they look for marketers who speak the same language. Being able to answer a potential buyer’s questions with white papers, spec sheets, and other straightforward information sources is a necessity for companies seeking entry into the healthcare sector.

For marketers, content is key – not only delivering the right message, but getting it to the right audience with careful, precise audience segmentation. Physicians and office administrators may both have uses for patient record management tools, but they want different things from the same software system. An office manager may prioritize ease of use while a physician wants completeness in records, for example, and marketing messages to each of these professionals would focus on these different aspects of the same suite of tools.

Healthcare professionals’ buying decisions may have few layers or many. In an independent clinic, a physician or therapist might be the sole decision-maker; in a large hospital, purchasing decisions might move through multiple administrative tiers. Understanding these different hierarchical structures is essential to selling to medical and healthcare professionals. Audience segmentation again helps B2B sellers know how best to target their marketing messages.

Professionally, healthcare specialists want clear, concise information on which to base their buying decisions. On a personal level, medical personnel tend to be high earners, but they often lack the time to spend discretionary income. They generally respond well to offers that address this time crunch. Streamlined re-ordering processes for medical supplies or around-the-clock technical support for hospital equipment are strong selling points. An all-in-one luxury vacation package, for example, might simplify a busy professional’s decision-making when it’s time to relax.

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