How to Sell to HVAC-R Professionals

The global market for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration services is a burgeoning one. Domestic demand for HVAC-R products and services also remains high. HVAC and refrigeration systems are integral to a host of other industries, such as healthcare, food service, real estate, IT, and more. The busy professionals who work in the field include repair and maintenance business owners, construction supervisors, certification and training specialists, and technicians.

When selling to a diverse market, it’s important to segment the audience into logical groupings to address each segment’s unique concerns. Marketing that resonates with decision-makers who own independent residential repair and installation businesses is different from content that connects with corporate HVAC professionals who maintain systems for a regional network of hospitals and clinics, for example.

By sending messages to discrete audience segments, marketers are also able to solve specific problems that face each group. Independent business owners typically wear many hats and look for highly efficient solutions that make the most of their time and budget. Professionals working within a corporate or government framework may have multiple layers of approval for purchases and often prioritize compliance and adherence to standards.

Although diverse in many ways, HVAC-R professionals share some traits that marketers who want to reach them should keep in mind. The training HVAC-R professionals undergo emphasizes concrete thinking and measurable values, and many industry leaders carry that pragmatic mindset through into other areas of their work. They want quantifiable results and demonstrable gains. Give them practical, actionable marketing messages in straightforward formats such as white papers and case studies to hold their interest.

HVAC-R technology continues to evolve, and industry leaders must stay current in the latest advances to succeed. They subscribe to professional journals and other industry-related periodicals to keep themselves informed. Training and certification in leading-edge HVAC-R technology is an ongoing process, so offers related to certifying personnel connect with decision-makers in this industry. While some of the work HVAC-R professionals do is on-site, much of it takes place in an office environment; office supplies, productivity tools, and apps developed for the HVAC-R industry are valuable to these experts.

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