How to Sell to Information Technology Professionals

Technology has changed the face of almost every industry and has transformed some of them entirely. The IT professionals who help shape these changes include C-level executives, systems analysts, data security experts, software developers, hardware architects, and technology consultants.

While they work in a vast array of industries, IT professionals have quite a few traits in common that marketers must keep in mind when selling to them. Highly educated, tech-savvy, and logic-driven, thought leaders in IT look for marketing content rooted in facts and features rather than explanations of benefits. They want to know how and why things work instead of hearing assurances that they work. This audience is entirely at home with technical terms and jargon; in fact, marketing content that isn’t specific enough or is written for a general audience may turn IT professionals away. Demonstrating authority with marketing copy is a must.

IT professionals and decision-makers tend to be early adopters, and depending on the business culture surrounding them, they may be called upon to show others in their organization the value of a purchase. Supplying them with ample information, including spec sheets, white papers, case studies, and product demonstrations, that let them clearly communicate the need for a buy to the rest of their organization are a significant selling point. Give them a steady stream of information about products and services to make an impact on this educated audience.

Because their expertise is in high demand across all industries, CIOs and other IT professionals typically have significant discretionary income. Their affinity for innovation and tendency to be first-wave adopters of new technology extends to their personal lives as well as professional settings. They often have the latest computer hardware and mobile devices, and they welcome apps that help them do anything from cooking to calculus expertly. This audience is highly mobile and deeply connected; they value solutions that help them stay that way, such as hotel accommodations with reliable Internet connections. Products and services that serve both personal and professional uses are often a hit with this adaptable audience.

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