How to Sell to Professional Service Providers

Since the turn of the century, economists and market analysts have predicted an increasing shift toward a service economy. These predictions have been accurate; today, nearly 70 percent of the workforce in the U.S. works within the service sector. Not only are service-oriented industries growing, they are becoming increasingly varied; everything from automotive repair to professional sports falls under this broad umbrella. To sell to service providers takes a thorough understanding of each niche’s needs through market segmentation and customer profiling.

Service professionals in every industry know how important it is to remain sensitive to their clientele’s needs. They place a premium on delivering outstanding customer service and expect it of sellers who work with them too. Nurture campaigns that treat each lead as a seller’s most important customer get better results from service professionals than non-specific campaigns aimed at a broader market. They also want their personnel to provide the same level of service, so training and certification offers that deliver consistent results get their attention.

Knowing the marketplace is important for any seller, but when the market is as diverse as the service industry, that knowledge is vital. Understand market segments and the unique pain points each might face. By addressing specific concerns with customized solutions, B2B sellers earn and keep their audience’s interest. A landscaping firm and a lawyer’s office will have different audiences, areas of expertise, and needs; sellers must be sensitive to their marketing niche through careful market segmentation.

Time management is a high priority for service professionals. Productivity tools and apps have particular relevance for them, and they look for sellers who respect their time as a meaningful investment. When selling to service professionals, executive summaries, checklists, and information-rich content makes an impact. Video demonstrations should be concise and summarize readily accessible benefits. For service professionals, time is money; a product or service that makes their organization more efficient translates directly into increased revenue. Make marketing content equally efficient when connecting with service providers.

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