Telemarketing Lets Your Voice Be Heard

Whether it’s part of a retargeting campaign, a follow-up on promising leads or a means to connect with current customers, telemarketing serves a vital role in an integrated marketing strategy. Telemarketing goes hand in hand with email marketing and direct mail. By reaching out to customers via multiple marketing channels, you increase response rates and earn greater mind-share than any single marketing channel could do alone.

ReachBase for Your Telemarketing Prospecting Campaigns

ReachBase comprises more than 53 million phone numbers of C-Level executives, technology professionals, financial executives, architects and contractors, engineers and scientists, sales and marketing managers, healthcare professionals and other key business professionals across all industries, covering nearly every business type in the United States. ReachBase allows you to target your audience with selections such as: business/industry, employee size, job title and function to name a few.

To include ReachBase in your next telemarketing campaign, contact Wayne Nagrowski at 845-201-5318 or Wayne will help you choose the best selections from ReachBase to target your offer.